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 Who are we?


The Trust was set up in the year 2000 by Tim & Marion Cox and their elder son Malcolm.  Marion's parents died leaving them with sufficient funds to help them give in areas they'd often wished they could, but never had the resources.

Dedicated to support any worthy cause that would further the Kingdom of God, through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, in any way possible. However, by focussing on the requirements of those in need, the act of giving alone, whether to support, encourage or assist in self-development, is often the finest example of Christianity in action.

Joined in 2008 by a good friend Malcolm Spreckley, the four trustees manage the charity in a very hands-on manner, often by travelling to those places where they've previously sent a donation, or in order to see for themselves the current situation with a view to deciding whether to give and/or how much.

Malcolm Spreckley passed on a few years ago, and so our good friend Richard Price joined the trustees.

Welcome to our Website.


We take great pleasure in announcing our documentary, entitled Small Small. This film was made by Cedarwood Productions in partnership with the Trust and it seeks to highlight some of the work of the Trust in Ghana.

The Holistic Gospel school in January 2019. In a poor state
Thank you to those who have supported the Holistic Gospel School in Damongo. They now have chairs and tables
The school has built an extension as they have many children who attend. Also two latrines and water has been provided. Still not many for 300 childeren 
Thank you to those who supported Joseph cultivating the ground in Damongo, They now have water to sell  and goats
Abraham has begun a bakery. He is being successful but needs to get a car to transport the bread, This motorbike belongs to a friend
Robert has begun a farm in the North Ghana by his family village of Murugu. They are just harvesting

A big thank you for those who supported this project as they now have water on the farm, which they will also sell.


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